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Welcome to Archia's Oryix homepage

Hello, my dears.
I glad to see you on my personal website.
Here you can find my artworks of different years. I decided to put them all in one place, because I was told that it's hard to look into them when they're all in different places, though I'm still providing some separation by groups. So now even rough sketches and old works can be found in the main site area, not scattered by journals and forums.

If you interested in looking into old versions of the site you can proceed following links
2000-2005, color artworks
BW Graphic, 2004-2009
Grey artworks, 2006-2009
Color artworks, 2004-2009

Also, I publish my artworks on common sources as DeviantArt
DeviantArt Archia's Gallery

About gallery

  • All works were created by means of various tools. Most of them are digital works drawn in artistic applications by tablet using patterned brushes.
  • All artworks divided into groups by style, genre, state of working progress, and themes, so corresponding categories can be found here.
  • There are also works done by 3D modeling, photography, and mixed approaches.
  • Due to the majority of high-speed internet connections nowadays, I freed myself of a small filesize limit, and most of the images in PNG format now (click "Download in high quality" under the image on fullsize preview for PNG).
  • If you want to get most of the art presented here in one piece you can download images in one archive by proceeding the following the link: Download pictures in archive (JPEG, 41 Mb). The archive contains compressed versions of images same as ones shown on fullsize preview on this site. For better quality download PNG-versions from fullsize preview page on this site.
  • All works presented here were created by Archia Oryix, any use without the author's agreement is prohibited.

Recently added artworks